ShrutBhavan Logo   Vision

To preserve intellectual heritage of Jain Dharma available in form of manuscripts ('Shrut Gyan') so that is accessible to future generations in its original form.

ShrutBhavan Logo   Mission

Preservation, restoration and critical editing (purification) of available Manuscripts in order to improve usability and accessibility.

ShrutBhavan Logo   Benefits

  • Collect information on manuscripts/shashtras written in last 2600 years.
  • Create extensive database about information about manuscripts.
  • Purification and Rectification of shashtra with correct meanings.
  • Availability of most authentic shastras for reading.
  • Skilled human resources in form of over 50 pundits for research work.

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"Immensely satisfied with this work."

-Pujya Gachhadhipati Acharya Dev Shri Daulatsagar Suri Maharaj Saheb