VJRK: Vardhaman Jin Ratna Kosha

A comprehensive database of more than 15 lakh manuscripts from 1000 archives across the world is being created under this project. This work is going on in cooperation with Mahavir Jain Aradhna Kendra, Koba.

Shastra Sanshodhan Prakalp (Research)

Many of our ancients shashtras have not been published. And those that have been published, need to be authenticated, edited and corrected. At Shrutbhavan, we have taken up the enormous task of compiling and editing more than 30,000 shastras on the basis of the ancient manuscripts. The authentic and supportive content will enormously enrich this compilation.

This work is done in three stages

  • Transliteration : Translate the ancient manuscript into modern script.
  • Critical Editing: Correcting the translated script
  • Authentication: Determining the most authentic version from among different manuscripts available; and also prepare an appendix of reference material.

Abhyas Varg Prakalp (Education)

Accurate editing and compilation of shastras require people with special skills and aptitude. And so, at Shrutbhavan, we have been imparting special training in editing skill to young students who have done MA with Sanskrit or Prakrit. The training includes learning Sanskrit, Prakrit, Jain philosophy, scripts, editing and computers. The basic course is of two years. A learned man with outstanding skills needs a training course of 10 years, with adequate experience.